Monday, October 19, 2009

Tree House of Horror

So I just watched this year's Simpsons Halloween Special: Tree House of Horror XX. And I have to admit it is quite the episode. The first act is a Hitchcock parody. Of course the creators of The Simpsons have borrowed from Hitchcock before, but this time it is done exceptionally well. The first act has far superior animation than the generic episodes. The scenes are very interestingly layed out. It was so beautifully storyboarded that I'm sure I will be referring back to it often for inspiration.

The second story is another zombie tale. And as stated in the previous entry I LOVE zombie stories. And I loved this one too in all its 28-Days-Later-Parody glory. It almost rivals the Simpsons' first zombie excursion... (Almost). You know the one. Tree House of Horror III where the family is shocked when Homer shoots Zombie Flanders and Homer utters: "He was a zombie?"

The third act is... well... forgettable.

But still a great episode! Watch:

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