Thursday, October 29, 2009

Water Color Skecthing

So I picked up a water color kit for my on-the-go coloring needs (specifically for my little Elephant Sketchbook). And I am actually having TONS of fun with it. I'm not very good, but it is really nice to just do something in color--something as relaxing as cafe sketching, where the drawings are just quick inconsequential studies.Today, however, was some of the most stressful cafe sketching I have ever experienced. Brandon decided to take the life drawing class to PetsMart since there wasn't a model for us. He kept shuffling us around so we didn't over crowd any one area--them was the rules, I guess.

That class is so random.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Whole lot of Nothing

The furlough week has been a VERY unproductive week.
Why did I let this happen?
I am, however, very well rested, so this time I'm jumping back into action!
(I don't have no choice--I'm going to graduate damnit!)

This drawing of Remi has NOTHING to do with my film--it's just me wasting time...

David's work is about to be sold--this good news seeing as I get a cut for helping him (although technically he was helping me).

They want more lightning and more "wicked" fire. Whatever that means....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Snake Vs Shark

Earlier today I took a rather nice mid-day nap with yet another odd ball dream. I usually don't remember them as often as I have been doing in the recent days--I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with these drawings. Also I promise they wont all be quick sketch doodles, I'll try to take my time next time a cool dream comes up!
So I was on my way to a museum or something. And I run into a bunch of old friends from the high school band that I haven't seen in a while and among them (probably by coincidence because she's not really affiliated with them) was none other than one of my best buddies, Amber Wallen. Apparently she was on a first-date with a rather tall, fit, good looking guy but she looked very unhappy that I was there. My guess was because she knew I would do something to embarrass her if I ever found myself in that kind of situation (which I would).So it was no surprise to me that they hurried off hand in hand to avoid me at all costs. That's when I had noticed her date was actually wearing a lady's blouse of some kind that showed off his back. It made me wonder if she didn't want me to talk to her because she knew I wouldn't ever let her forget about a date she had with a bogirl. Well, I made it into the museum--which I guess was actually an aquarium of some kind. The first thing I saw was the shark and anaconda tank, which was actually the same tank. All of a sudden the biggest anaconda starts fighting with the shark. It was EPIC. My gut reaction: I pull out my cell phone to capture it on camera because I think to myself that The Bui, another one of my best buddies, just HAS to see this! Then the bloody tank gets flushed out in order to put a stop to the violence and have the marine biologist take a look at the damage. In just the room over a very angry marine biologist was examining the shark like if it was a machine of some kind (even though is was a real shark) and I could hear him muttering to himself: "That stupid snake, he's really done it this time! This is the last straw. We can finally get rid of that fucking thing. I don't think [the shark] is going to make it..." The shark looked like it was made of wood on the inside.

Del Taco Vs Taco Bell

My dreams aren't as fun as my last one. Take last night for example:I was a police officer in line at a Del Taco discussing the fundamental differences of the pseudo Tex-Mex menu with that of its rival, Taco Bell with the cashier and other guy waiting in line. The guy appeared to not know--but then again I was carrying a gun (and I think at one point I may have waved it around) so why wouldn't he feign attention?

I don't think I ever got my order of chicken soft tacos...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cali Vs the Nazis & Alien

So I had this idea since I've always liked writing about my dreams in LJ--why not write AND illustrate them? This is a variation on what Marshall Vandruff said once (which he learned from another artist--he only used four panels). So I did some quick sketches in Skecthbook Pro during work today based off the dream I had the other night:
I was disguised as a sexy lady spy taking down Nazis with a flamethrower.

I had to escape the building I was in because my mission was to collapse it--except it never came down so my mission was a failure.I escaped out and found myself on the Cal State Fullerton campus--luckily there was some event going on with people everywhere so I was able to take off my sexy lady spy disguise and blend in.I ventured to the far Southwest side of campus where it was now some kind of sea port. There, I got into a physical confrontation with an alien life form from another planet as we were teleported to his home world...
Seriously though, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...
Then again, I did, didn't I? Subconsciously anyway. So I don't even have to try--probably because I am such a natural


p.s. More of these kinds of entries to come--whenever I have a dream worth telling that is, so it will be random. But I do have a back log of dreams that I have written down on LJ sooo who knows.


So I am trying to take this blog thing seriously. But maybe I'm taking it too seriously...

So I reworked the title (hated the first one yet not 100% keen on this one) and added a little Sketchbook Pro doodle I thought befitting of me and the new blog moniker.

I almost feel like I should start telling people about this space i reserved for myself on the internets, but maybe it is too soon...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tree House of Horror

So I just watched this year's Simpsons Halloween Special: Tree House of Horror XX. And I have to admit it is quite the episode. The first act is a Hitchcock parody. Of course the creators of The Simpsons have borrowed from Hitchcock before, but this time it is done exceptionally well. The first act has far superior animation than the generic episodes. The scenes are very interestingly layed out. It was so beautifully storyboarded that I'm sure I will be referring back to it often for inspiration.

The second story is another zombie tale. And as stated in the previous entry I LOVE zombie stories. And I loved this one too in all its 28-Days-Later-Parody glory. It almost rivals the Simpsons' first zombie excursion... (Almost). You know the one. Tree House of Horror III where the family is shocked when Homer shoots Zombie Flanders and Homer utters: "He was a zombie?"

The third act is... well... forgettable.

But still a great episode! Watch:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Week at the Theaters

So I caught two whole movies today with a couple of friends. It has been a while since I had made it out to the theater. Scratch that--I saw Paranormal Activity earlier this week (maybe I should talk about it also....
This was a pretty fun movie. I'm not one to get scared by films, but I do have to admit that I found myself caught up in this shaky-cam-spook-fest. It creates such a great atmosphere that this faux documentary almost had me believing it was real. I think it really excelled at building up tension.

What it's like: The Blair Witch Project meets all those ghost hunter shows on t.v. But I say it takes the best of both those worlds. And doesn't suck like the Blair Witch Project.
Been waiting a while to see this one. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for zombie flicks. And this one didn't disappoint. A cool stylization with several slow-motion sequences mixed together with a some of the best writing in a Zombie movie to date. I can't think of any movie that has made me laugh as hard as this one did this year.

What it's like: Shaun of the Dead minus characters as likable as Shaun and the rest of his English crew but with some better zombie action sequences whilst not being too gory. I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. It was just... okay. Don't get me wrong, it is a VERY beautiful film. The costumes are great. The environments are engrossing. The characters are believable. The minimal use of CG was wonderfully integrated. The Max kid who plays Max is marvelous. But the story lacks severely--especially in the middle. And the majority of its characters remain grossly underdeveloped. GREAT atmosphere though--and as far as I am concerned, there were far too many close to medium shots. You only rarely get a sense of the surroundings and of the creatures in their entirety, which is a shame because in a movie as artfully conceived as this one, you want to be able to see EVERYTHING.

What it's like: Alice in Wonderland sans the White Rabbit who acts as a driving point for the story. Max falls into his wonderland and the story stagnates for a while until he learns what he needs to.

The Mini Elephant Sketchbook

Having not posted in a while, I wish I had more to share, but sadly I haven't been working too hard; I don't want to turn this into an exposition on my Life Drawing. With the furlough week upon me, maybe I'll be able to catch up--then I'll have some story boards to show (and maybe even some animation!) But for now, how about some Cafe Sketches!
So I started drawing in this small sketchbook for a number of reasons:
-Fits in my back pocket (note its size in relation to the pen)
-I'll never be with out it if it's in my pocket
-James Gurney (among several other artists I've overheard) recommend it
-It was free! (my boss got it as a gift, who then gave it to my coworker, who then gave it to me)
-It is filled with great paper (like a cream watercolor paper)
-Doesn't take long to fill a page (good for the self esteem)
-I need to learn to draw smaller (my work is running off the page few too many times)
On a casual night at the driving range with my buddy, I thought it would be a good time to take the hand-held for a test drive. I carried a pencil in my pocket, as usual, but also had a brush pen and self loaded water brush--none of these tools seem to take to the paper very well as you can see....

I wasn't liking what I was creating with the brush, but I did notice that the paper to great to water when I attempted to cover up my poor drawings with some tone. I think I may try out some watercolors with it in the near future.
Later, while I dined alone at one of the local Thai Restaurants (I did invite some friends, but didn't get any takers--and I was in the mood for spicy soup, so cut a guy some slack!), I got this page done. I decided to use a pen. Took better to the paper and wont run if I decide to add color to anything.The animals were from my post Thai cuisine adventures. I'm a little intimidated with the ink. It's just so unforgiving. Once I put the line there, it's there for good. Then what happens? I overworked the dog and underworked the bird. Maybe some day I'll find that happy medium.

And the final page was while I was again dining alone at an Asian restaurant. I wonder if there may be a pattern here...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Man Behind the Dinosaurs

James Gurney of author and illustrator fame for Dinotopia spoke at CSUF earlier this morning. And what a speaker he is! The premise of his lecture was basically on his work process much like his new book:
So far, it's a great book that extends beyond goofy goblins--it covers classical draftsmanship, futuristic settings, historical events, thumbnailing, plein air, and so much more.

It was a great presentation. He is such a nice and approachable guy. I even git my book signed!
The morning was definitely the highlight of my day (and week and probably month--but the Eric Goldberg event may have been a better overall day...)

As far as my drawing goes, today was an off day. I didn't do anything worth mentioning. Brandon let us out early, and I went for a few more hours of life drawing with the PMC. Although I did have some more successful pieces, they weren't anything special.

Today has just been one of those days....

P.S. For more Gurney goodness, check out his blog.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's Sketches

(study from Bridgman done earlier today)

Today was a slow day.
I woke up wanting nothing more but to roll over and go back to sleep, but of course I made my hour and a half long traffic filled trek to class to find out my 6 hour animation class had been canceled...

I went home only to return to my life drawing class in the afternoon.

There was no model today. Days like these feel like they move in slow motion.
Brandon did some posing for us and to keep myself entertained, I switched over to my Copic Sketch Pen (opposed to my usual charcoal) and I had some fun with it.

I will probably explore the pen a little more--if only we did more quick gestures in class...
Drawing clothed models has been quite a pleasure. I wonder why I've never had the chance to do it more often? As much as I appreciate the human figure--costumed characters just seem far more relevant. Had some nice drawings with the model last week (she dressed like a ballerina--maybe I'll post them some other time?).

Monday, October 5, 2009


"[Optimism is] the only thing we have over experience."

Janet Hwu, fellow ImagiNations alum said this to me and it just kinda stuck--probably because it is so true for me. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I have to combat my inexperience is my complete and utter irrational optimism.

Even when I have terrible drawings of vikings at playing poker...
I'm so unfocused right now. I'm pretty much handing off my freelance work to David. I'm sure he'll be able to fix it. I think I just have a bad case of the biting-off-more-than-you-can-chew's.

Putting off my Animation is helping me none either.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life After Imagineering

And so ends my brief, however wonderful, stint with Walt Disney Imagineering. It has been quite an interesting Summer beginning with the ImagiNations competition right up to the last day of my internship.

(Quick morning sketch of the Big D patio area when I was having my morning cereal)

There was a very awkward transitional period for me. I would have very bitter dreams after my 10 day adventure through the competition. The reason? Because I didn't get an internship right away. The truth being that I was only upset with myself. I felt that even though I gave ImagiNations my all, I wasn't good enough...

A big fear of mine was leaving the competition empty handed, and it was not because I wanted to win. It was because I wanted to be able to feel like I am on the right track. I wanted to prove to myself that I could be the kind of material a juggernaut like WDI would be willing to employ. With only a year left in school, I need to be on the top of my game and this would be a good place to measure where I am at and where I should be. But a few weeks later, I was offered 10 week position as a Graphic Design Intern for Participant Services.

So, after several weeks of busting my ass working on yogurt ads, an intern project, and a menu style guide, here I am, all the more wiser. It was a great learning experience and a whole lot of fun.

Now for life after Imagineering.
Things wont be the same around here. I've had a taste of the working professional world, and it was good. With under a year left of school, I have so much to do to be ready to compete for the real jobs out in the world--this blog being started to keep me accountable.

And here we go...