Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Mini Elephant Sketchbook

Having not posted in a while, I wish I had more to share, but sadly I haven't been working too hard; I don't want to turn this into an exposition on my Life Drawing. With the furlough week upon me, maybe I'll be able to catch up--then I'll have some story boards to show (and maybe even some animation!) But for now, how about some Cafe Sketches!
So I started drawing in this small sketchbook for a number of reasons:
-Fits in my back pocket (note its size in relation to the pen)
-I'll never be with out it if it's in my pocket
-James Gurney (among several other artists I've overheard) recommend it
-It was free! (my boss got it as a gift, who then gave it to my coworker, who then gave it to me)
-It is filled with great paper (like a cream watercolor paper)
-Doesn't take long to fill a page (good for the self esteem)
-I need to learn to draw smaller (my work is running off the page few too many times)
On a casual night at the driving range with my buddy, I thought it would be a good time to take the hand-held for a test drive. I carried a pencil in my pocket, as usual, but also had a brush pen and self loaded water brush--none of these tools seem to take to the paper very well as you can see....

I wasn't liking what I was creating with the brush, but I did notice that the paper to great to water when I attempted to cover up my poor drawings with some tone. I think I may try out some watercolors with it in the near future.
Later, while I dined alone at one of the local Thai Restaurants (I did invite some friends, but didn't get any takers--and I was in the mood for spicy soup, so cut a guy some slack!), I got this page done. I decided to use a pen. Took better to the paper and wont run if I decide to add color to anything.The animals were from my post Thai cuisine adventures. I'm a little intimidated with the ink. It's just so unforgiving. Once I put the line there, it's there for good. Then what happens? I overworked the dog and underworked the bird. Maybe some day I'll find that happy medium.

And the final page was while I was again dining alone at an Asian restaurant. I wonder if there may be a pattern here...

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