Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cali Vs the Nazis & Alien

So I had this idea since I've always liked writing about my dreams in LJ--why not write AND illustrate them? This is a variation on what Marshall Vandruff said once (which he learned from another artist--he only used four panels). So I did some quick sketches in Skecthbook Pro during work today based off the dream I had the other night:
I was disguised as a sexy lady spy taking down Nazis with a flamethrower.

I had to escape the building I was in because my mission was to collapse it--except it never came down so my mission was a failure.I escaped out and found myself on the Cal State Fullerton campus--luckily there was some event going on with people everywhere so I was able to take off my sexy lady spy disguise and blend in.I ventured to the far Southwest side of campus where it was now some kind of sea port. There, I got into a physical confrontation with an alien life form from another planet as we were teleported to his home world...
Seriously though, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...
Then again, I did, didn't I? Subconsciously anyway. So I don't even have to try--probably because I am such a natural


p.s. More of these kinds of entries to come--whenever I have a dream worth telling that is, so it will be random. But I do have a back log of dreams that I have written down on LJ sooo who knows.

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