Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's Sketches

(study from Bridgman done earlier today)

Today was a slow day.
I woke up wanting nothing more but to roll over and go back to sleep, but of course I made my hour and a half long traffic filled trek to class to find out my 6 hour animation class had been canceled...

I went home only to return to my life drawing class in the afternoon.

There was no model today. Days like these feel like they move in slow motion.
Brandon did some posing for us and to keep myself entertained, I switched over to my Copic Sketch Pen (opposed to my usual charcoal) and I had some fun with it.

I will probably explore the pen a little more--if only we did more quick gestures in class...
Drawing clothed models has been quite a pleasure. I wonder why I've never had the chance to do it more often? As much as I appreciate the human figure--costumed characters just seem far more relevant. Had some nice drawings with the model last week (she dressed like a ballerina--maybe I'll post them some other time?).

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