Friday, October 23, 2009

Snake Vs Shark

Earlier today I took a rather nice mid-day nap with yet another odd ball dream. I usually don't remember them as often as I have been doing in the recent days--I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with these drawings. Also I promise they wont all be quick sketch doodles, I'll try to take my time next time a cool dream comes up!
So I was on my way to a museum or something. And I run into a bunch of old friends from the high school band that I haven't seen in a while and among them (probably by coincidence because she's not really affiliated with them) was none other than one of my best buddies, Amber Wallen. Apparently she was on a first-date with a rather tall, fit, good looking guy but she looked very unhappy that I was there. My guess was because she knew I would do something to embarrass her if I ever found myself in that kind of situation (which I would).So it was no surprise to me that they hurried off hand in hand to avoid me at all costs. That's when I had noticed her date was actually wearing a lady's blouse of some kind that showed off his back. It made me wonder if she didn't want me to talk to her because she knew I wouldn't ever let her forget about a date she had with a bogirl. Well, I made it into the museum--which I guess was actually an aquarium of some kind. The first thing I saw was the shark and anaconda tank, which was actually the same tank. All of a sudden the biggest anaconda starts fighting with the shark. It was EPIC. My gut reaction: I pull out my cell phone to capture it on camera because I think to myself that The Bui, another one of my best buddies, just HAS to see this! Then the bloody tank gets flushed out in order to put a stop to the violence and have the marine biologist take a look at the damage. In just the room over a very angry marine biologist was examining the shark like if it was a machine of some kind (even though is was a real shark) and I could hear him muttering to himself: "That stupid snake, he's really done it this time! This is the last straw. We can finally get rid of that fucking thing. I don't think [the shark] is going to make it..." The shark looked like it was made of wood on the inside.

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