Monday, December 7, 2009

The Science of Bad Ideas

Fact: the mass population likes unoriginal garbage. It has been proven scientifically. Case-in-point, the following scientific graph:
This evidence clearly illustrates that coolness is based on how many commandos and helicopters Godzilla could take down (or vice versa--I'm not sure so I couldn't really say).

Could Munk E. take down Godzilla and or commando helicopters? Short answer: Yes. I mean look at him!
(Yes. I drew AND colored another one...............)

Long answer: He's a chimp robot that was developed by gnomes to infiltrate the human world, but Munk's knowledge of the humans is limited to 90's pop culture due to the research resources available to the gnomes as well as their own incompetence.

Maybe it is not the WORST idea I ever had. There was Hambo (part pig part Rambo) and then there was Snakes-For-Arms-Boy (pretty self explanatory...).

Or maybe I should just keep some things to myself...

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