Friday, December 11, 2009

The Battle Plan

(quick little SpongeBob warm up)

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Classes are over and now it's just a race to finals. Everything is due on Wednesday and as soon as I am done with them, it will be time to wrap up the rest of the year and relax a little and work on my own things for a bit. I sent away for my post-semester gift (I usually like to treat myself to something nice for all my hard work) so I am looking forward to it!

The battle plan:

Today (Friday) we'll finish the SpongeBob storyboard. It's almost all roughed out (and I have to add the changes Chuck suggested) then I have to clean it up. If I devote the next 10 hours to it, I should be able to do it AND have time for Amber's party at the karaoke bar. There will be little to no drinking on my part, which will severely inhibit my motivation to actually karaoke (I'm not much of a singer, but I love to ad lib lyrics and make the songs about my friends--usually get some good laughs from my friends and weird faces from other bar patrons).

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have to be at work bright and early to do whatever I have to do there. My guess is it will just a be a maintenance/cleaning day for the computer labs. Then home (probably nap).

And the rest of the day, plus Sunday AND Monday will be devoted to finishing up my film. Wont have too much time to animate anymore but I'll be making it presentable and cutting sound into it. No sleep 'till Brooklyn. (Beastie Boys said that--they also said "Ain't no faking - your money I'm taking. Going coast to coast - watching all the girlies shaking" which may or may not also be applicable to this entry)

Then Tuesday will be spent putting final materials together--scanning, portfolio, DVDs, letters, etc. As well as addressing any last minute items.

(or an internet publishing equivalent--CANCEL THE DATA TRANSFERRING)

So I just received a call as I was typing this up. Nickelodeon wanted to schedule an interview for an internship! The interview is this Monday, this doesn't change my plans too much, but a good night's rest and a shave will be a must. I'm glad my boss gave me the first three days of next week off from work.

So much to do.
Better get started.




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  1. Congrats!!! You are going to get that internship fo sho'. gettin that fo sho'. seriously though, they are going to hire you and you are going to take over that company. how can they not when you draw spongebob so well? :)

    good luck on monday.