Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom: Public informational #3.141

(photo courteously stolen from The Bui)

I have always fancied the thought of me being a person of good (dare I even say "great") ideas, but the all too evident truth is quite the contrary (I know of a certain skateboarding monkey who could attest to many of my short comings). The beautiful and wondrous thing about ideas is that they stay in our heads--occasionally we may have a slip-up and the "profoundly" conceived images of our brains gets spewed out into the open and serve as a great platform to be mocked and laughed at. Which, as my buddy Jake would so eloquently put, is total Asscheeks.

And, alas, I have done it again! Oh, how easy it is for me to take a half-baked idea and cement its existence in this world by documenting it (in video form no less). What can I say, my friends? I am a natural at this (just wait until I unveil my grandest invention: The Fandelier)

The preface:
I needed to make my animated film presentable to the class. It shouldn't have been as daunting task as it was, but I didn't give it nearly the attention it deserved. I would like to blame my lack of productivity on having 3 part time jobs this semester as well as being a full time student, but then I would just be making excuses for myself.

So, while I worked away my final hours, I had the brilliant idea of documenting the event. Looking back on it now, I realize that it was a moment of high stress and even higher caffination.

The following are some clips of the footage taken and are being shown for educational purposes only:

(about 1:50am)
I have no idea why I thought any of the was relevant information to.. well... ANYTHING. The list of "twos" went on for a while. It was shortened for the interest of time.

(about 2:10am)
It is important to take frequent breaks so you can rest your muscles and your sanity but I think I began losing mine about here.

(about 2:20am)
I have nothing to say about this one to justify myself...

(about 2:30am)
This would be the moment of pathetic realization--as seen in my Phases of Storyboarding cartoon. By that I mean, I begin to realize this isn't a smart idea, however, it doesn't stop me...

(about 3:00am)
Yes, breaks were quite frequent.

(about 5:30am)
Notice how I start talking to the camera as though it is actually a person? I don't I would be able to tell the difference between the two in that state of mind.

(about 6:10am)
I'm not really sure where those voices I make (or the sandwich) came from.

(about 7:30am)
Unexplainable burst of energy and talking faster nonsense are common symptoms of me under stress.

(about 3:00pm)
Here we have the anti-climactic ending to my day. Where I was just too tired to feel. A bit of a low point in the day which ended in quite the epic nap causing me to stand up my friends and previously made plans.

So the lesson to be learned here is a bit of an interpretative one. It could range from staying on task, keeping excessively hydrated to stay awake, giving your ideas a second thought, etc.

But really, the lesson to be learned here is don't make an ass of yourself. And do not proceed to film it. And do not proceed to place it on the internet. Have a little more dignity for yourself. Having over 22 years of experience of making a fool of myself, I would like to say I am an exception to the rule, but even when I do it, it is totally, utterly, completely, 100%: Asscheeks.


  1. i like 1:50am best but i could be saying that cus you are listening to kings of leon at the time. 2:30am is pretty good too. 3:00pm just makes me sad after all that....

  2. 5:30am is actually my personal favorite.