Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

4 down 6 to go


  1. have you heard about this? http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2010/02/waking_sleeping_beauty_trailer.php

  2. HAHAHA, brandon's metaphors never get old. thanks for all the advice! i kinda cheated and had him roll his tail in as his somersaulted so i wouldn't have to animate it. the hard part was getting him to unroll, which i think i have to re-draw. i kept acting out the landing in my studio while i worked, i think some of my neighbors saw and now think i'm crazier than normal....i did the key pose for when he sticks it though and i think its rather adorable. he flips off his pendulum and lands on a bear's head for an audience of forest animals. :D

    don't you love the screen cap of tim burton? i want to see it too, hopefully its playing somewhere nearby and not just LA and NY. thats always lame.

    i want to see your mini-super hero animation on monday!