Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dos and Don'ts--Shoulds and Shon'ts

With finals just one week away I would like to say how productive I have been. You know it's just a seven day span from now and I could very well tell you about all the progress I have made:
I could say how I have been animating up a storm and painting like no-ones business. But that would be a stretch of the truth.

A more accurate recounting of the truth would involve me and my preoccupation with seeing how long I could grow my beard and staying up 'till 3 in the morning playing Uncharted 2 (which I swore to myself I wouldn't give in to my video game vice until AFTER this semester was through...) On top of all that I'm not too sure when I attended class last...

Blogging and doodling bad caricatures of myself isn't much productive either.

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