Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nate's Drawings

I was in my room doing my homework (just how I spend all my weekends) and my nephew Nathaniel came in saying he was board so I set him up with a pencil and paper so he could draw along with me.

I tried to get him to draw from Preston Blair (secretly hoping he would fall in love with it and follow in his tio's footsteps) but several failed tracing attempts frustrated him. So I grabbed my light box and some SpongeBob model sheets I had from last semester storyboarding class and this is what turned out:

I love these!

There is something about them that I find so appealing. It's almost like SpongeBob and his friends are filled with Nate's child-like wonder. And his unapologetic line work is so fun and bold.

Even though they are tracings, I just feel like they are full of life.

Maybe it's just me though...

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