Saturday, March 27, 2010

Because We All Know How Much I Love Life Drawing...

I had received an e-mail earlier this week letting me know that Nickelodeon was going to have uninstructed costumed life drawing on Wednesdays from 12 - 2. And I sat back in my seat and thought to myself:
"And I thought I couldn't love that place any more..."

Basically, it's a very casual just-come-in-and-draw-during-your-lunch-hour kind of thing.
The model was in a 60's type of get-up AND she brought a Beatles CD in for background music. I seriously had to force myself to get back to work because I wanted to stay the whole two hours...

I had a pretty good drawing hour (these copies aren't that good, the drawings actually look much better in my skecthbook). I have been focusing on line-of-action and tilt of the hips and shoulders (like Joel has been going over), and I think it is definitely putting some real life into my drawings.

On another note, I fell in love that day and it was a thing of beauty....

For drawing utensils I brought along a felt tip pen, sakura liner, copic skectch, and my usual .7mm mechanical pencil (which I know I shouldn't draw with, but it's just so convenient not to have to sharpen anything).

Anyways, I wasn't feeling the ink at first, so I went back and grabbed a few pencils from the main desk in the Dora the Explorer lounge. I grabbed a Tombo Mono 4B and a 6B. And I have to admit that that 6B just felt so right drawing with. It gave me a soft subtle line when needed, and a thick commanding line when I wanted it (like I said--those copies don't give the drawings justice).

(a set like this of 12 pencils costs $25 but I REALLY want some....... maybe I can find them cheaper...)

The 4B wasn't too bad, but I felt like it was raspier against the paper--but the 6B was smooth as silk. I read somewhere the other day that 6B pencils are actually the weapon of choice for animators because you need that dark commanding line (especially when light boxing) and on top of that, it gives you a much more expressive line quality.

I usually just drawing with a bunch of #2 pencils, mostly because I get a bunch for free, but they are just not the same!


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  1. they sell tombo pencils at art supply warehouse for like 89 cents a piece. i use tombo pencils all the time.