Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not a Procrastinator

I am not a procrastinator.
I'm not. Honest.

I get things done as they need to be.

So when I say I have been up all night long painting it is not because I am a procrastinator--it's because with my schedule of only having one day for homework, I can only really work one project a week. And if I were to have two projects due within the same week (as was the case this week--*note High Strike animation), I would have to... oh... I dunno budget my time accordingly.

And it appears that in the economy of my life, my sleep budget is in a recession...

A bit of an ugly illustration that I will probably have to re-do.

I wonder why I tend to hate my work so much?

My animation is fun though.

Anyways, too late for sleep, too early for breakfast.......


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