Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AFI's #94

Pulp Fiction
Last Friday a friend invited me to see Quentin Tarantino's classic over in Beverly Hills at a revival movie theater. It was a bit of an interesting experience. I, like most, if not all, people in that theater had seen the movie several times, yet we were all there to enjoy it again on the big screen--it kind of gave a different vibe to the room.

There is nothing I can say other then this is just a cool movie. I could talk about the non-linear story structure or speculate on what was in the briefcase. But I would much rather just call it a cool movie and move on.

However, I did take note at many of the shot decisions that were being made. Tarantino's movies are always rich with long scenes of dialogue and they are always handled so nicely with much variety.

This gave me the idea to start a swipe file:

I sifted through over 8,000 images and swiped over 100. And I feel like I really learned something from it (like how Tarantino really likes upshots). It's a little easier to understand the decisions be made for every shot when you look at everything as a still.

This may help me become a good story artist yet!

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  1. we spent the whole day last week watching bad animation. i think i was about to claw my eyes out. his rambling makes as much sense as the cowboy hats he wears. haha.

    and p.s.